White Cloud

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Soul Purpose Productions Poem White Cloud Featured Image
White Cloud

White Cloud steps lightly on the earth
She tiptoes through your dreams
She weaves her web across the galaxies
She plays amongst the stars
Bows her head in gratitude to the sun
And whispers secrets to the moon

She gathers seeds and pods in the autumn
Stores them through the stillness of winter
Carefully plants them out in the spring.
She lies on the bare earth
Between the rows of golden corn in the summer
And gives thanks for the bounty of the seasons.

She thrills to the touch of the icy sacred waters
The folds of her deerskin dress skim the surface
Her heart swells with contentment
The rains have come once again.
Far away she hears the distant drum
The one that’s calling her home, to her people and her place.

Karen Bowller

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