Unusual Bird

Unusual Bird Sovereign Beings Karen Bowller Soul Purpose Productions

Whilst we may feel despair about news reports of animals harming humans and vice versa, this is the underbelly of an old world coming to the surface for release.

In equal measure the new is peeking through. I am a prophetess who has the gift of seeing into the future.

Yesterday with my eyes open I saw a very unusual bird. It had the body of a rosella with two long feathers emerging from its head, a beak similar to a duck, and a tail not unlike that of a pheasant. (see sketch)

This animal is from the future. As mankind embraces Unity Consciousness, past, present and future will merge.

As we evolve and our bodies become lighter and lighter, we will begin to see animals and beings of higher frequencies.

White animals being born on the planet for the past 50 years herald this time of great change.

Yesterday I had a second vision. I saw energetic wavy lines with a white Lion in the middle.

I had not seen this phenomenon since July 21, 2011. How do I know this? I recorded a series of unusual visions in 2011, almost 10 years to the day.

At this time I drew an image of pheasant feathers with an explanation they represented Light, Truth and Magnificence.

On the same page, I recorded my experience of waking in the night, fully awake, and seeing a vision of a pyramid amongst dots and wavy energetic lines.

I remember opening and closing my eyes several times and thinking this is so vivid, this sight will be possible in the morning but that was not the case, till yesterday.

As we invite the animals to step forward now to work alongside us, all of mankind begins the journey back to recognizing the Oneness of everything, that Love Is All That Is.

I feel such gratitude that the White Lion Consciousness is here to guide us, that pioneers of the new such as Linda Tucker, who wrote ‘Saving the White Lions’, is a guiding light for us all.

Karen Bowller

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