The Honey Dancer

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Soul Purpose Productions Poem Honey Dancer

The Honey Dancer

Limbs the colour of honey
You shed your dress with easy aplomb
I will say you’re discreet
Not revealing all
Maintaining the allure
Of the feminine

I’ve watched you in many seasons
Your stature, your elegance
Your easy flow with life
Your dance with the breezes
Your resilience in the storms
Your salute to the sun

Through it all, you display a dignity
Your sense of place and country
You’re the guardian of the beyond
The one who welcomes or denies
Entry to the bush garden
And further to the hanging swamp

You’ve watched over sacred ceremony
Never said a word
Kept your counsel
As you towered over the Circle of Women.
Winked at me occasionally
In awe of their wisdom and grace

Karen Bowller

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