The Dreaming

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Soul Purpose Productions Poem The Dreaming

The Dreaming

A door had opened
Awen felt the expansion of all things
Beliefs, opinions, thoughts dropped away
As the Key of Awen revealed itself

A new note for humanity
A slow burn of the candle flame
As the heart opened new chambers, it didn’t know existed
The flutter of the word

So soft, yet so distinct
Flowing with clarity as Awen’s new poetic voice.
She piled her long silver hair high on her head
And reached for the pendant of lapis lazuli over her heart

Awen closed her eyes
Offering pure gratitude for this moment in time
It wasn’t something she’d planned
It came unbidden with such love

And today, the blessing flowed
She could feel the liquid gold of Source
Filling her heart space
She sat. One with the Light.

Never dreaming this day was possible
Awen thought of the sacred animals and the crystal kingdom
Her love for Gaia
She hugged herself a little closer in deep appreciation and sighed.

The Dreaming had Begun.

Karen Bowller

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