Reluctant Learner

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Soul Purpose Productions Poem Reluctant Learner

Reluctant Learner

She had been a reluctant learner
She thought she had her life together
Knew the ropes, had it all sorted
Her first foray into ‘the work’ pulled her up

Why was it always about her?
Surely it was their fault
They had done the terrible things to her
She found it hard to accept

For 15 months, the message had been the same
Turn the mirror towards yourself
No, she couldn’t accept it
She railed against the idea

She felt like a dry wood stump
Remaining in a burnt-out forest
Alone, with the bark crumbling from her edges
How could she accept the truth?

It took a serious health challenge
To stop her in her tracks
Alopecia – the one where you lose all your hair
Where you question your identity as a woman

Life, as she knew it, crumbled into a pile of bricks
The house had fallen
She took her time as she fumbled amongst the debris
Was there anything left to salvage?

She resolved to build a new foundation
One based on truth and integrity
She found it in the most unlikely places
In the wonders of nature and the eyes of a stranger

The journey had been long and arduous
The rewards beyond her wildest imagination
Review time came again, 12 years later. Surely, not!
She’d done the work, settled into a comfortable place

This time the house burnt to the ground
There wasn’t anywhere to go
No materials to rebuild
She stood desolate amongst the ashes – in utter confusion

A pair of hands reached across the table
She heard her husband’s invitation, ‘Step into the Stillness’
Without hesitating, she stepped over the rubble
…………….and into the Light.

Karen Bowller

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