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Rebecca Turner Sovereign Beings Karen Bowller Soul Purpose Productions

I would like to introduce my friend Rebecca Turner. She has a love connection with all animals from the tiniest little critters to the big cats of Africa.

A former Blue Mountains resident now living in Coffs Harbour, Rebecca is like an animal guardian. She has worked with animals all her life and spent time in Africa.

‘When we live from our heart, we are present and through presence, we are able to connect and find harmony around us with humans, nature and the animals,’ she said.

Many years ago Rebecca visited a game sanctuary in Kenya where tourists could pat cheetahs who had been hand-raised since they were cubs.

She by-passed this enclosure and came upon another which housed a wild cheetah. No one entered her cage. Fresh legs of meat were thrown over the fence to feed her.

When Rebecca asked if she could enter the enclosure, she received a stern ‘No we don’t do that’.

‘It’s important I see her,’ replied Rebecca. She must have persuasive powers because eventually she was permitted to go in ‘at your own risk’.

A staff member stood guard at the two doors of the enclosure, with his rifle and Rebecca’s camera, with instructions, ‘Don’t look her in the eye. Don’t get down to her level.’

With absolutely no fear, Rebecca crouched down and could feel the cheetah smelling the back of her neck. Then she heard purring.

‘At that point she became my Mother. She purred and licked me for hours. The next day I was walking around with scabs on my face from the licking!’

‘I saw her as pure Love. We had no form. It was a soul connection, a timelessness,’ explained Rebecca.

‘With her, I remember the two of us as a sphere, just a warmth and pureness. No separation. She was my protector.’

Rebecca can recount dozens of love encounters with wild animals, each as hair-raising as the other. She comes from a place of pure love and respect with no fear.

Imagine a world where we can all walk, in love and harmony with the animals. They have much to teach us.

Where do we begin? With a collective dream that we hold so dear, every day brings us another step closer.

The flame already exists inside us. With our thoughts, words and actions focused on kindness and harmony, we can ignite that flicker into a mighty bonfire of Love across the world.

Rebecca in Kenya. ♥

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