The Empty Road

A 6-Week Shamanic Writing Journey With Karen Bowller

The Empty Road

Start Date:   Tuesday, Oct 18, 7.30pm – 9pm
Dates:   Oct 18, 25 | Nov 1, 8, 15, 29
Location:   Zoom Online
Presenter:   Karen Bowller


You are invited to a 6-week online Shamanic Writing Journey for creative writers. Join Karen Bowller for this unique personal experience of our sacred earth through writing.
Connect to an untamed part of you that yearns to be expressed.
Open to the natural world where the rhythm and cycles of life are honoured.
Allow yourself to open to the heartbeat of Mother Earth
Each week we will take a sacred journey inward. Karen is the storyteller sharing stories, chants and meditation accompanied by the beat of her frame drum, a crystal rattle and the sistrum (a replica of an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument used during ceremony).

Your writing will be a heart response to your inner shamanic journey.

What is the Empty Road? It is the open space, the void, the nothingness we encounter when we surrender to what is, unhindered by the past or the future. Inspired by a vision of an empty road through the Australian bush, Karen’s ground-breaking new program invites you to explore your inner terrain in guided meditation, to sit with the silence, then to emerge, letting your heart speak through your pen.

There is a rich earth-based thread running through this work with the call of Black Cockatoo, the Lyre Bird, Emu, the Waratah and Gum from the Plant Kingdom and Mookaite Jasper from the Crystal Kingdom. Answer the call of your wild heart!

This work is an honouring of the Self and our Earth home through writing. It would be an honour and a privilege to share the journey with you.

Karen pic for The Empty Road
Karen’s newest offering is a combination of her sacred work with the land, the animals, and crystals over many years. Bringing it together with her passion for writing and offering it in a shamanic journey is one of her greatest joys.

In recent years Karen has presented creative writing workshops in the Blue Mountains and Sydney. With the changing landscape in March 2020, Karen moved her programs online. She is delighted to offer this latest program to word lovers and navigators of the new way.

Rosemary Leavey

Karen leads directly from her heart, with deep intuition, love and gentleness. She creates a circle that celebrates each person and their heart offerings. Her guided meditations are truly a magical experience.

I highly recommend anything that Karen creates. Her joy in what she shares and her expertise in writing from the heart will touch you and change you in surprising and profound ways.

Rosemary Leavey
Are you feeling the call to write? Is 2022 the year you pick up the pen? Then, please join us.