Messages From The Animals

A 6-week forum with Karen Bowller

Messages From The Animals

Start Date: Monday, November 8, 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Dates: November 8, 15, 22, 29 | December 6, 13
Location:   Zoom Online
Presenter:   Karen Bowller


How do we create a new relationship with animals as we embrace the energies of the New Earth? A world where there is respect, honouring and freedom for all species?

Join us in this sacred conversation, ‘Messages from the Animals’, a 6-week online forum with Karen Bowller. It will be a hands-on experience of meditation, stillness, and an invitation for the animals to speak with us, through us.

What do the animals want to communicate?

Karen has an inkling. In June 2021, she began receiving messages from different wild animals who shared their powerlessness and sorrow at the effect of climate change on their environment and their diminishing habitat. Karen felt their burden and saw visions of animals fleeing from danger. Circumstances for many animals are dire as extinction lists grow.

However, a sense of hope also prevailed. Several messages pointed to new human endeavours assisting elephants in Malawi and the plight of leopards in Mozambique.

This forum is to promote the understanding and awareness of the inter-connection of all species and will open a new paradigm for partnership between humans and animals.

Would you like to join us? If so, you are invited to:

Contribute to the greater good by helping to raise the vibration of the planet.
Uncover a new way of communicating with animals.
Become part of this special dialogue.
Recognize the Oneness of all Beings.
This forum will appeal to those who feel a strong bond with animals, animal whisperers, or those who feel called to participate. It is a reminder that we are all connected: humans, the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. If you would love to join us, click the button below:
Karen Sheep Farm Soul Purpose Productions
Growing up on a sheep farm in rural New Zealand gave Karen a deep appreciation of many animals. It’s in her genes as her father’s side of the family were sheep and cattle farmers. Not surprisingly, in her 20’s she embarked on a five-month African overland adventure fulfilling a dream of seeing animals in the wild. To this day, her time viewing wild game on the Serengeti Plains remains a highlight. Her love of animals and the storyteller within has invited this timely conversation between humans and animals, opening a dialogue for future generations.
Coreen Ipsen

My time spent with Karen over the past six months has been profound. Karen has shown me time and time again how to be in a state of deep trust. She is a master of making one feel heard, seen, and held. From the way she intuits her meditation journeys to her gentle suggestions for elevated practices, I see her as a powerful warrior of light. A grounded, encouraging, and loving guide.

Coreen Ipsen
Do you feel a deep connection with animals? Do you feel a call to make a difference in our relationship with them? Then, please join us.