Gifts From The Heart

Creative writing from your Multi-Dimensional Self with Karen Bowller

Gifts From The Heart

Date:  To be Advised
Location:   Zoom Online
Presenter:   Karen Bowller


Is there a storyteller awakening within you? Are you imagining other realities that would make a wonderful story? Is an ancient story whispering to you?

Join ‘Gifts from the Heart’, an inspired 6-week online creative writing course with Karen Bowller. Explore new dimensions within your heart space inviting hidden experiences and ageless wisdom from other lifetimes to step forward.

As we stand on the cusp of an emerging new world, attendees are invited to embrace all aspects of their totality into oneness in this lifetime, in these bodies. Karen is providing a still point to allow creative consciousness to express itself through the unique channel of your being.

Inspiration is the name of the game. Through meditation and Karen’s voice, you’ll be gently guided to a wellspring within. It’s a golden chalice of your experiences, known and unknown, that will call you to write.

Feel the freedom to write about what you see and who you encounter
Bring forth stories from other worlds that will inspire this one.
Open to writing creatively from your multi-dimensional self
Access the gifts that have always existed inside you
Soul Purpose Production Karen's writing
Karen brings a touch of magic to her courses sharing insights from her long writing career. She’ll be offering practical tips on how to structure and enhance your writing to keep your readers engaged.

Karen has enjoyed a love affair with words all her life. She started as a newspaper reporter in New Zealand and continued to write across many platforms. A health challenge in 2008 opened a spiritual dimension that brought change and deep insights. In recent years, she has led creative writing workshops in the Blue Mountains and Sydney. With life’s changing landscape, she created online courses for aspiring writers in 2020. Her vision is to see humanity open their creative hearts.

Rosemary Leavey

Karen has the ability to bring strangers together – create a safe, supportive and heart-opening container- in which we all leave as friends, enriched and changed from within.

Her program ‘Gifts from the Heart – Creative Writing from your Multi-Dimensional Self’ was more profound than I expected. My writing took me on a personal journey that was revelatory, fun, and healing.

The opportunity to listen to the writings of the other participants was sublime. In this way we each were given glimpses into each other’s souls and felt so blessed in this exchange.

To recognise the absolute uniqueness of how each person expresses their voice in this world was both extraordinary and humbling. It caused me to ponder on my own voice expression. In this I discovered more of who I am and what I bring to others and to life.

Karen leads directly from her heart, with deep intuition, love, and gentleness. She creates a circle that celebrates each person and their heart offerings. Her guided meditations are truly a magical experience.

I highly recommend anything that Karen creates. Her joy in what she shares and her expertise in writing from the heart will touch you and change you in surprising and profound ways.

Rosemary Leavey
Are you feeling the call to write? Is 2022 the year you pick up the pen? Then, please join us.