Peacock Sovereign Beings Karen Bowller Soul Purpose Productions

In ancient times man lived in harmony with nature.

‘Animals were honoured and respected as equals and everyone communicated telepathically with them’, Diana Cooper, Atlantis Cards.

Man is beginning a great journey back to communicating with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. I have friends who communicate directly with animals, plants and crystals.

I am awakening to this communication more fully. Yesterday’s post ‘Walk like an Emu’ was my introduction via a movie.

Recently while meditating I saw an image of a peacock and heard the word ‘Hanoi’. When I did a Google search I came across botanical gardens in Hanoi which showed peacocks caged in very poor conditions.

I began to meditate again and received this message from the peacocks:

They want to be free so they can live as resplendent sovereign beings. They feel dis-spirited, lonely and are crying inside. Their spirit has been broken.

How clear is this message from the peacocks on behalf of all caged animals?

Illustration: Karen Bowller

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