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Soul Purpose Productions Poem Pale Deer

Pale Deer
Dedicated to Jayatii Berry

The message had been very clear
‘Pale deer’
Now, as I sat across the table
You explained the process
I listened in awe
You honoured the deer
Burnt the sage
Offered up gratitude
For this new life of the deerskin

‘Trust your instinct,’ you said
‘You will know which one to choose.’
I looked at the half dozen hides
Laying in the midday sun
Could I trust myself to choose?
From out of nowhere, a gust of wind
Flipped one of the hides towards me
‘Oh, you’re the one’ I whispered.

The ceremony continued
I was invited to stand
In the middle of the golden hides.
The drumming started
An invocation commenced
Then silence
I closed my eyes
I had wished for a female
Then I remembered the words, ‘Pale deer’

My eyes flicked open
There she was
The palest and the smallest skin
The one that flipped towards me
Thank you for the confirmation
The choice had been made
Silently she was singled out
Blessed with beads, sage, and sacred words
A new life was being born

It was your reverence
The sacredness you brought
To the selection of the hide
That touched me
The birthing of the frame drum
That would touch the hearts of many
It was you
Your way of being
That brought the hallowed to this creation.

Karen Bowller

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