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My encounter with elephant was uplifting and positive. I was expecting a sad tale. Not this time.

I love how the animals surprise me. While driving a few days ago I was thinking about the elephant and the word ‘Malawi’ dropped in.

I googled ‘elephants in Malawi’ and there right at the top, a good news story!

African Parks had completed one of the largest elephant translocations in history on August 2, 2017. In total 520 elephants were successfully moved from Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, where elephant numbers were high, to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve where numbers were low. Amazing!

In my meditation I saw a group of trumpeting elephants. They seemed very excited. What a great feeling to witness this and communicate with them in this new way.

In another article I was fascinated to read elephants don’t like bees. Authorities and villagers at Malawi’s Kasunga National Park had worked together on a project to prevent elephants destroying their lands and vegetable gardens.

They placed bee hives along the boundaries which proved a wonderful deterrent to the elephants. All this without killing them.

How can WE help the animals?

By using clear intention and focus, seeing them flourishing and enjoying an abundance of food, clean water and lush vegetation in their environment.

We, Humans, are way more powerful than we realize.

Illustration: Karen Bowller

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