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Change Is Here Soul Purpose Productions

Change is in the air. We know it. We can feel it.

This morning I dreamt of a large mob of sheep coming towards me and I saw white giraffe on the African savannah.

For more than 50 years we’ve heard about white animals being born in the wild. The white Buffalo on the North American plains, the white Lions of Timbavati.

Indigenous peoples around the world have foretold of this time of great change with the arrival of white animals on the earth. They are being called ‘prophets of change’.

Recently a friend tagged me with video footage of a white deer in the bush of western Sydney. Much closer to home than we think!

Is man getting the message? We cannot deny the changes on our doorstep. I am in Lockdown now in the Blue Mountains. I view these times as a chance to go inward, meditate, reflect on my life.

What changes can I make to help the planet? Perhaps extend my vegetable garden and become more self sufficient. Review my diet so I can eat lighter to support my body which is becoming more light filled every day.

How do I know this? I can feel it. I am experiencing increased visions and this call to communicate with the animals.

Several weeks ago while working with a friend I saw beams of light coming from a rose quartz wand crystal and a shard of kyanite with my eyes wide open. This has never happened before.

I know others are experiencing change in their physical and spiritual bodies. The invitation is for us to embrace these changes and begin to work with these gifts in an even greater way to assist humanity.

It’s time to speak of these things, bring them to light (excuse the pun) so more people can feel at ease with their own changes.

We are all in this together, this time of the great turning on our planet.

Much love Karen ♥️

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