Blood Stain

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Soul Purpose Productions Poem Blood Stain

Blood Stain

Our treatment, of our indigenous
brothers and sisters, is a stain on the national carpet
Not one that can be covered over by a heavy rug
Or mopped up with blotting paper
It’s an invasion of one race over another

It’s a story that’s been witnessed long and true
Humanity’s dominance over animal, plant, and fellowmen too
An ignorance of his place among the stars
A false superiority over all sentient beings

Is all lost? I say not.
It’s a learning on our path of evolution
Opening our hearts, minds, and souls
To a new way – Karuna compassion
Forgiveness of ourselves for actions of the past
Forgiveness for the perceived wrongs of others
Forgiveness of the unforgivable

It’s time to lay down our swords of war
Pick up the sword of peace and truth,
To walk in the shoes of the other
Lay grievances to one side
As we seek salvation in our own hearts
It’s a bigger picture directed by the hand of God

We cannot assume to know the outcome
But there is a way through the mire
It’s shining, courageous hearts willing to accept anything’s possible
Let’s roll up our sleeves
Lift the old carpet, polish the floorboards beneath
Begin anew with heart’s full of passion and a commitment to what’s true.

Karen Bowller

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