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Karen Sheep Farm Soul Purpose Productions
I would love to share my story with you. Come, sit around an imaginary fire with me as we gather in circle. I live in the Blue Mountains of Australia, on Darug and Gundungurra country, surrounded by soaring escarpments, natural bush, and an abundance of native birdlife.

Growing up on a sheep property in rural New Zealand, I developed a great love for animals chasing them across lush, green paddocks and occasionally seeing wild boar and deer at the back of our farm. Thus, my childhood playground fuelled a vivid imagination for writing later in life.

Although I began my career as a newspaper reporter, I honed my craft over a lifetime of writing copy in many different roles with styles ranging from magazine articles, sales and marketing copy, promotional pieces to website profiles. In essence I am a storyteller, writer, and poet from way back.

A health challenge in 2008 changed the direction of my life. I studied crystal energy healing which unlocked dormant psychic and spiritual gifts. My heart opened and words of poetry poured onto the page.

For the past 10 years I have hosted writing and spiritual workshops in the Blue Mountains and in Sydney. My invitation to clients and workshop attendees is to open their hearts and explore what lies deep within.

I’ve had a love affair with words all my life and when the following reflection dropped in as a poem, it seemed so natural to share it from my heart to yours.

Karen Poem Soul Purpose Production
The mountains have been my teacher
I haven’t attended a lot of courses
I haven’t been to India to study the Vedas
I haven’t trekked Nepal

I went to Africa
I walked the desert sands in Egypt
I haggled in the ‘souk’ markets of Khartoum
Swam in the blue-green waters of Lamu
Slept under the stars in the Serengeti
And watched the silhouette of a Thorn tree
Against a fading African sky

My story’s been one of adventure
University didn’t call me
Instead, I pursued a writing career
Then headed for far shores

When the dark night of the soul
eventually came, I retreated inward
I wasn’t able to walk
I remained in bed for months
And when I ventured out
I took it slowly

I walked bush tracks
Meditated in caves
Recalled past lives
Healed and learnt from them

I lay by rivers and let the waters speak to me
Placed my hands on gnarled tree trunks
And heard their story
I listened to the wildflowers whisper their secrets
And peeped over stone-walled gardens

Pure beauty surrounded me
It grew and grew
I took my phone and recorded it all
I perceived beauty through these eyes of Love

And Love would tell me when to click the camera
“Now!” Love would cry enthusiastically
And all the time
I thought it was me
Only to discover it is Love living through me

Love is the one in charge
Love is the driver
I became the passenger of my life
Love is the one with the eyes to see
And ears to hear through me.


Karen Poem Soul Purpose Production
Karen Speaking Soul Purpose Productions

There is an addendum to this poem. As I came to love and appreciate myself fully, I experienced myself moving back into the driver’s seat and merging as the One-Self.

My invitation to you is to remember who you truly are.

In love and Oneness